2019 is 10% Gone. How’s your Sales Team pacing?

We’re halfway through Q1. Time for a sales performance health check:

  • Based on previous years, which months are you expecting to be hottest for pipeline creation? Which for bookings?
  • Given historic seasonal pacing patterns, how’s your sales team pacing so far?
  • Did your team start 2019 with a target list of every brand spender in the last two years?
  • By now, do they have a 2019 pipeline opportunity for every past spender?
  • Which of your agency relationships yield the highest win rates?
  • Who’s RFPing you all the time, but never books through?
  • Your sellers book one $ amount. After revisions, cancellations, upsells, and delivery, another $ amount is realized. What’s your average variance?
  • What % of planned $s slip from their original booking month to a future month?
  • Are your pipeline and bookings large enough to accommodate your average monthly slippage, or is slippage putting your bottom line at risk?
  • Do you know your reps KPIs both individually and as a team?
  • What’s each rep’s win rate, cycle time, average won deal size, and pipeline multiple? What do they need to be to make goal?
  • We’re halfway through Q1. Who’s pacing bang on for crushing their goal this year. Who is behind already?

If you’re using a CRM, the answers to these questions should be at your fingertips. How many can you answer?